Relational Leading

Recently I participated in the first webinar, offered by the Taos Institute, on relational leading. The ideas were very interesting, I mean the webinar, as well as the philosophical basis of relational leading. Of course being aware of the attitude of the relational being, that I have been exposed to for the last several years and one that I feel quite attuned to, makes the seminar even more interesting to listen to. For the first time I heard someone talk about the ideas, apart from having encountered them in books by Gergen and so forth. So listening to someone live, and that too someone whose name I have seen around- Sheila McNamee, was interesting.

Saliha Bava was conducting the dialogue and there were others participating, offering their years of practice as experience and wisdom and sharing the contexts in which they have been utilizing relational perspectives in communities and organizations. Those other ladies were Kristin Bodiford and Celiane (something, complex name to catch in one encounter, unless I’d made a note of it.)

In creating a new organization, as I am about to, these ideas are quite useful and in sync with my inner attitudes also. I have always looked at organization as an extended family, not only for myself but also for others who are part of it as well. With this attitude, one can work with a shared vision, a shared dream and create many possibilities in which many people can flower, as participants in  co-creative action. Hope to see more of that in my own enterprise soon.

In this context, I must put this link also, which turns out to be another great piece of writing/ideas. here-


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