Why collaborations matter

In the modern times, more so than in the past, collaborations are the only way we can solve any problems, we face as individuals, families, groups, societies and the planet as a whole. In collaboration there is a scope for the greatest optimization of resources- which of course is the way every unit of society- family, institution, organization is created. It is another matter that having constituted them, we also have to nurture people as individuals and train their mind for collaboration, not just be individualistic and self driven.

But the more important thing, which is central to the process of collaboration is the attitude with which we approach collaboration as an act. If we approach it thinking that we know best and everyone else ought to follow our path, because it will most certainly be the best outcome, that attitude may create difficulties. We have to approach the process of collaboration with a certain vulnerability and openness that our ideas could be changed, when we invite others to think through them.

Being social by nature, if we do not engage with others and invite their participation in our lives and work, can we really say we are social or ready to make any real contribution to society, whether it be a service we provide or even have a dialogue with someone? This is an idea which is increasingly guiding my own work nowadays as I am myself working towards a greater relational and collaborative stance in anything that I do.

Going for lunch now, carrying my cooked vegetables, as my contribution.


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