How about living in Gaza- just to know for yourself?

At least read this post to see a summary of what life is like in Gaza and to understand what connection the General Electric of the US have with the war in Israel. Please share it further, if you can see the truth in all the ideas shared here. Let us not remain indifferent to the suffering of thousands of people.

Though I am not someone who likes to do any warmongering or spread lies, I think the truth needs to be heard, louder- for we are all day and in day out inundated with so many images of Gaza, that it benumbs the senses and one may come to a point of shutting the ‘noise’ out.

But my agenda is principally, neither anti-Semitic, nor anti-Muslim. I am pro-human and pro-peace. So my question is when it is so clear that Gaza is small, outsized, outnumbered and out-what have we…why in the world is the war on?(is that a war by any standard or a prison that people have been pushed into?) Just watch this video to know what the media does not tell you- that Israeli arms come from the US and other countries in the world, whereas Gaza does not even have cement to build it buildings, hospitals and whatnot. Please watch.

So what in the world is really happening here and why does it not happen? Because there are powerful financial stakes involved, particularly those of the US. Please listen to this- 


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