New synthesis via systems theory

2014 015

That is a wood pecker- in other words, me in a bird form. Just the way a woodpecker keeps pecking at the wood hoping to find soemthing to feed itself, so do I…pecking at problems  of human life and relationships till some answers do not emerge. Just recently I discovered something about systems theory and now my whole picture seems to come together.

Systems theory suggests that we may look at human relationships in the form of systems- i am of course interpreting systems theory in the context of human relationships, whereas they can also be seen in the context of processes, administrative set ups and anything really. So if we see human systems as systems- then the family is one system we can certainly identify. So is an institution, organization, neighbourhood, group of people and so forth.

If you look at every person in the system as being part of a network, where they impact others and the vice versa, then we know that systems have constituents and they impact the system variously. if one constituent of a system is adversely impacted it has an effect on the others.

Now if we view the family as a system, then if one person has a mental illness or any illness, every person in that system is impacted and to work effectively, we cannot simply look at the person, but address the system. So with this my whole stance comes a full circle- collaborative practices, systems theory and emancipatory perspectives. that is me! IN other words, by digging the bark of the tree, which once seemed to hard and impenetrable i have finally found the worms…ugh 😦


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