Loneliness Research

Loneliness: social reality, necessity or personal choice

The title above is only a working title, and not the final title of the study. The reason for choosing social networks as a medium is many people who cannot be accessed via standard ways of data collection, can be reached via this. It is also a resource saving device, for it makes participation possible across geographical spaces and limitations.

The framework of the study will derive from multiple perspectives, though one of the foundations may come from social constructionism, narrative research and collaborative practices.

Loneliness is a serious concern in the times we live in. Though there is a profusion of media for connection, humans are estranged from one another unlike ever before. This isolation, which increases with affluence is not confined to any corner of the world now- but is a general state, having many serious consequences – epecially on health (mental health in particular), longevitiy, quality of life, general wellbeing, suicide and so forth.

I am starting a study or investigation on the multiple aspects of loneliness, by initiating a collaborative research, inviting participation from anyone- with almost any level of educational and/or research training. The only common link being that you should be able to communicate in English and at least one another language, so you can collect ‘data’ or interview others on this issue.

This research is likely to be initiated in early 2015 and more or less, the better part of the year  will be spent collecting data- from multiple locations and populations. Thereafter we will start collating and seeing the outcomes, on attributes mentioned above, as well as others that emerge as a result of the data itself. I will be personally interviewing a at least 50-100 odd people  for this enterprise. (if you would only like to add your personal voice and not interview others, please contact me and let me interview you myself)

What you would have to do, to be part of it, is as follows-

1. You will be trained to question people and requested to interview between three- five (more if you like) people of various age groups, in a span of about three months time. This is not a rushed affair. Take more time if you so desire.

2. Tabulate their responses and send them back in a manner that they can be used further. It may be that you have to question the same people on two occasions, to delve into issues at a deeper level

3.  The ongoing work may have many academic and non-academic outcomes. In case you would like to write parts of the final writing, please feel free to. If you also want to write independently for any platform of popular publication, media or research, you are welcome to use the data collected, if you have also contributed to its collection.

4. This work does not involve any monetary exchange and is not funded by anyone either. It is just one of the things that I have been studying in the context of modern lives.

5. You must be able to communicate with me via Skype- so that information exchange is more efficacious and meaningful.

6. You can belong to any country, group, preference whatsoever- the more the diversity, the more voices one would hear and see how much humans have in common, across the so-called diverse spectrum we inhabit.

Please feel free to drop me a line via message on facebook, any other social network, my email, as of course comment on this post. If there is more you would like to do or contribute please let me know.

Please feel free to drop me a line via message to contact@hamsadhwani.in

If there are any resources that you can share, i will be grateful for it and acknowledge your contribution toward it as well. Let us collaborate in our efforts to create solutions for problems that we all face as humans, and enrich the dialogue.

Kindly feel free to share this post further


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