Helping a fellow human being…gone beyond reach!

I was crestfallen when i began writing this post. Perhaps for the last few days- though unable to identify where it is coming from. Perhaps one too many things add up to a feeling and the haze that it creates does not allow any clarity to emerge.

Yesterday a facebook friend from Pakistan told me to talk to another someone from Pakistan and gave me an Indian number to call. I did- they were a Pakistani couple stranded in Delhi, due to some problems and were made targets of security forces and overzealous police out there to nab anyone from across the border. Anyways, it seems they were also in custody and that was quite tragic, because they were on the wrong side of the law, on pure suspicion which they were cleared of later.

Now to return to their country they needed to give a surety to the government- and were short by funds. I just felt their utter helplessness and the pleas for help- the husband spoke with me as well. On the facebook chat they said this to me- mostly people are reluctant and runs away .. due to our origin and religion .. but the court is fair and we have got the opperturnity .

I can understand this picture from all the sides- as though a big drama on which i am just a spectator and even if I want, I cannot pitch into. So this is what made me troubled and humbled at the same time. People run away seeing they are Pakistani…but really, are they? I can only see them as my fellow humans who have been wronged and their suffering, weathering and tears are writ large on their faces.

Anyhow hopefully in some way some solution may be found by that friend from London sending money – but the thing is that I am pained and saddened about is that so many people who sit on the internet in the name of groups and organizations across the border- they simply did not help these two. I wonder where our real humanity lies or slumbers and what people are trying to do by becoming popular on facebook fora. What is their motive, if it is not helping another fellow human.

Here is another post about the same-

If you only look at their faces, can they have anything except sadness written there- can someone even remotely think they could be terrorists? What is wrong with those in the security forces that they do not know one from another human any more and everyone is suspect- are we lost as a race?!

In the course of writing this blog post many other things happened on the side, and hopefully before the end of the day, something would have worked out for them, for at least Soofia to visit Karachi- am praying for them and like I said to them- I do not need the mediation of any religion to be connected to my god, whatever s/he be. In response that my words, s/he say- may God accept your prayer and bless you n you and n family too .. extend you with good h(e)alth and succsss .. aameen. 

I was not sure who was talking to me on the chat and that is why i am saying s/he- but I do believe that my prayers will be answered. Let me hold on to it.


2 thoughts on “Helping a fellow human being…gone beyond reach!

  1. yes Michael, you are so right – the web of suspicion, and more so the fear of the governmental agencies is so big that people dare not think of helping anyone, even if they want to. But if we do not help anyone just because it is uncomfortable, I do not know in what way we can claim to be the same human race. To my mind national borders are all a waste of resources- we are humans and this is our home- the planet earth. We just need to recognize one another.


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