2 thoughts on “Individuals

  1. Dear Prateseksha Sharma:

    I received post:

    “Recovery support to Individuals by Prateeksha sharma”

    (Prateeksha sharma | February 15, 2015 at 3:00 pm | Categories: Uncategorized | URL:
    Unable to access the site, appears empty.

    Leo carefully all publications that I receive in my email, I’m Social Psychologist, user and survivor of psychiatry, WNUSP member.

    I hope that kindness puda send “Recovery support to Individuals” attached to mail in Word format.

    My sincere thanks,

    Peace and Love to all,


    From Buenos Aires, Argentina (South America)

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  2. Dear Lucila

    Thank you for writing to me

    I am still writing all the sides of the blog site, so in case Leo has sent
    you a link, it may not have been populated yet. I will write on it later.
    But this link that i attach below gives you the general idea of what I am
    offering via my new initiative of the emancipatory collaborative therapy.

    Please read other links on this blog and in the meanwhile what I have to offer to individuals will also get populated here.

    thank you for your interest. Hope to hear your ideas later. regards from India


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