Is the diploma course accredited- query

Someone just wrote me the query that is the post title of this blogpost.

This is an important question for naturally everyone would want to go take a diploma only if it ensures that it is something of value to them personally, it aligns with some career goals and it is not just a loss of money only. I have been thinking of this for a long time too.

So here is my response to that query-

With slow and deliberate efforts me and some others are creating a new organization that is to be called as the Hamsadhwani Institute,  an institution that will work in the liberal arts to any extent and in interdisciplinary perspectives in education and health. The key areas that we will work in would be communication, mental health and (no prizes for guessing this) the performing/visual arts with a special focus being in music.

It does take time to get certification and accreditation and we would focus on creating more employable skills than anything else. I thought about this for long. And then I looked at the model of the NIIT and other people. As long as you give skills that empower people and give them knowledge, it does not really matter whether they have diplomae or not.

Of course we would be approaching the authorities to register the institution and the courses (we will begin with at least three), in particular the higher education department in the government.


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