This post for those who follow this blog

Dear companions who share your time by stopping by to read now and then, what I share and when, this post is just for you- to tell you what new things are happening on this blog.

Please take a look at the home page and the menu. The menu bar says the words research institute, and many such things. I am slowly populating these sites and sharing them wider. But since you are not always connected to me on social networks you may miss out on the changes that are occurring here. So please look at the first of the two links that I am about to share with you

The second may have come as a blog post to you as well.unnamed


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prateeksha sharma

Recovery Specialist in Mental Suffering- via counseling. Non Profit Founder. Love to write, tend to dogs, manage a little garden. Largely a hermit. Equally as much- classical musician with fingers in many pies. Parallel work in applied musicology-in particular pedagogy. Also...a Phd researcher

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