Reshma’s Schizophrenia Memoir

The memoir of Reshma Valliappan is finally out and this blogpost is just about that. I do not think I need to say anything about it, because the article that I am about to share on the issue says it all. I must say why this memoir becomes significant is that the author stopped talking medicines, though she calls herself now a ‘schizophrenist’. This is a big contrast to my position, though possibly becomes it comes from research- where I reject any labels of mental illness and call it a linguistic rephrasing of people’s distress into medical categories.

Of course knowing Reshma personally, I feel she is one of the brightest, most energetic and vivacious people to be with. So to have such a high level of intellect is a compelling case of the spirit plunging to that low to offset the ‘highs’. Knowing bipolar the way I do, and knowing that it is perfectly ‘curable’ if someone is committed enough to deal with it, and persistent no matter what- I am beginning to feel that so is schizophrenia! of course the world is not ready to hear this, even though many people have been saying this for decades, including psychiatrists and linguists. That brings me to the point that I have been wanting to delve in for a long time- a study of psychosis!

So this is the  post- that talks about Reshma’s story. I hope it will offer a ray of hope to some at least.


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