Forcefully holding on, damaging people for generations, does not create a great society

My heart is throbbing in anguish at reading this article– and I quote from it briefly, as follows.

In December 2013, a mob numbering a few hundred and belonging to the Karbi tribe attacked a Rengma Naga village in Karbi Anglong in Assam. A total of six Rengma people were killed, including four women – one’s intestines were pulled out and another was burnt to cinders. The mob, led by armed men, cut down all orange and betel nut trees in the village since these are the source of livelihood of the Rengma Nagas of Assam. A shelter protecting children of the village during the attack was bombed. All households were burnt down.

Till date, the Rengma people who fled their villages find themselves displaced. They still live without roads and power. The government of Assam provided ex gratia compensation to the families of the victims and washed its hands of the matter. The Karbi Anglong Autonomous Council cared even less. The few mainstream news media outlets that covered the incident lost interest quickly (since, you know, this happens all the time). No judicial inquiries were set up.

When state organized terror seeps into the lives of people it dehumanizes them. To expect that by  coercing such people, in any name and to bring them into the mainstream of a nation, by forcing them to accept nationality, that slaughters them, marauds their spirit, their sense of self and their inner resilience, by putting fear- is surely not the making of any great nation. This is the egoistic stance of a nation. Why bother with holding anyone so forcefully, in such fear? The nation has failed- alas, cry the beloved country! Your children die in your name.


2 thoughts on “Forcefully holding on, damaging people for generations, does not create a great society

    1. Yes indeed Michael- however the tragedy is compounded when the trauma is inflicted by the organized power of the state machinery, which operates through the army in this case, and various other agencies of the state. You of course are well aware of them in the US too.


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