Education headed for doom!

Recently I was invited for a conference …

The organizing chairman, happened to be a neighbour- psychiatrist at that! Woe upon this world

But guess what- not a conference in psychiatry, but a conference in early childhood education!


Woe upon civilization, more so! Let children play…they will learn all that they need to.

When psychiatry starts deciding about early childhood education and not educationists, we know the future of society is more medicalization and more pathologizing  human behaviour. We are doomed and the future of the world seems to be more medication for children at a younger age now!

As it is we Indians are a servile lot- one of the chief guests was that psychiatrist sitting in London- Vikram Patel, who lives off the research of others all the time!

Who wants the collaboration of psychiatry for god sake?!

Must quote my other blog post in this context, though of a slightly different due. Both are written today. The sinister design of psychiatrists to lead a flock of idiotic sheep posing as teachers and educationists are going to finish the country’s thinking ability, if ever the system let it develop anywhere anyways. We have failed as a country, and this is the final testimony- the take over education by all sorts of vested interests.


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