2014 015

Hello and welcome to my blog. I am Prateeksha Sharma, researcher-musician-entrepreneur and therapist. Also dog pack leader, writer, poet and general no- gooder! I keep trying out new things and keep failing, and then starting all over again. You might want to see me as this woodpecker, that keeps pecking the hard trunk of a tree in the hope of finding a worm. To me the worm is a solution for an intractable problem. It can be any problem, but I tend to focus on one problem, in a clustered manner, for a long span of time. For the last few decades of my life, that problem has been mental health- first my own and then others’.

My journey into the realm of mental health has been a long road and while I was still covering the road, I figured that mental health is only achievable if people agree on the subject of peace. Isn’t someone who is mentally healthy, also relatively peaceful? As a result I started looking at the question of peace from many dimensions- including aspects of health psychology, family communications, economics and what not.

There are a few things about me that may be of interest to you in the context of peace.

One of them is my name- prateeksha- sound pr (as in pretty)- teak- sha (my name means ‘waiting’)
saba (means morning breeze) and sharma (my family name from the North of India). My name itself is a symbol of peace, for someone who is waiting also needs to be at peace.

I have been thinking and studying on the subject of peace for decades now. My first forays into the direction of peace was when I studied International Relations as part of a master’s program in Political Science. That got me very glued to understanding the political economy of every act performed in public interest in a country or globally.

Conceptualizing about peace takes time and I still find myself filtering a lot of data and ideas to understand the polarization of power in the world, though the basic contours are beyond any iota of doubt in my mind.The first concept that I see for myself is that peace ought to be for the most number of people on the planet and not just a few.

The second issue is that if governments were so serious about peace, would they expend a whole lot on armament and defense? So whose agenda of peace are they following? Whose interests are being served in this global sale of arms?

The third concern is that is peace and its violation only an issue of war as we understand it or is it also something that permeates every aspect of our lives, in our daily survival issues? Then how does the average man or woman on the street find peace, when everywhere around them they only see pandemonium?

Though earlier I had started this blog with the idea of getting all my views on various sides of peace on one platform, but after the birth of my little baby- Antardhwanee, I decided to focus this writing on mental health alcropped-2014-006-2.jpgone. Within mental health, my key focus area is recovery and how recovery can happen for more people (I have recovered from bipolar myself). So this is where the buck stops for me…and this blog accordingly.

Thank you for coming so far into the blog to detecting this…my motives. I hope you will like something written on the blog too. Warm wishes from me.


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