Whose peace

DSC00886Peace is not a value neutral concept

The rich have their ideas about peace and the poor have their ideas. Similarly the rich countries of the world have their ideas about peace, as do the poor countries. The rich would send armies and ammunition to create peace, while the poor may send food and other simpler items in the name of peace!

My idea about peace is that peace which can be universally shared, with a majority of a people or a whole world, based on no coercion, mutual respect irrespective of size, and non-egoistic engagement with one another, coming from appreciation, humility and universal humanity ( I was about to write brotherhood, but chose humanity instead)

There is a working class peace and there is a Liberal idea of peace, in which everything is plausible. There is a peace of an imperialist and there is a proletarian peace. Of course we can think of these things only when we understand what is a ‘class’ and how its consciousness is determined.

I come from a poor country, in which a majority of people are still dependent on agriculture for their livelihood, where women and children face violence every day, where the elderly are ill-treated in their own families, where whole masses of humanity are hungry and undernourished, where politicians rob their own motherland just for their own greed…to what class can I belong in this country, if I am NOT an oppressor myself?

I belong to the oppressed for I do not oppress anyone, neither am I someone who owns any vast amounts of wealth, sitting on whose heaps I do not have to earn a living for myself, by slogging at something or another. I belong to that segment of society which is the dispossessed, for being a woman I have nothing that is mine- more so than what could have been, had I been a man. I understand my working class roots.

I do not think that just because I have had an English education and I have been to college and university, my class roots change fundamentally. My roots are firmly rooted in the soil that farmers till and the hard shop floors on which sweat from the brows of men and women workers fall. I may be sitting in a home, on my computer, in a room cooled by artificial devices…but that does not make me forget that I am those who walk night and day to make ends meet, who run pillar to post to make deaf government officials pay them their dues.

This blog talks about that peace for the ordinary humans around the world, not just in India, for we are all the same, in every corner of the world- the oppressed, not the oppressors.


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