Why Peace Matters

Peace matters ‘coz we all want
A world in which there is freedom, for
Not just a few
The ones who (already) have, those rich in hue

Peace matters ‘coz in peace we all grow
To sizes we’re meant to be
Not sizes reduced to, chosen by another
Dwarfed for want of that which could be
Available to all, easily
Yet by a few (now) held closely
Guarded jealously

Deprived of that which was everyone’s destiny
Yet, monopolized and hidden from sight
Behind barricades so none should know
Confusing the world in ideas inane, insignificant
Creating masses of ignorance, starvation and hatred

Peace matters ‘coz we’re not fodder for the war machinery
You come, eat us up or throw us helpless, in front of armies
That salvage nothing for us, ‘n yet, in them,
We and our children die

Peace matters ‘coz it is you and it is me
And I just want to see
Both of us, the way we were meant to be
Without another telling me what to think about thee
Or how I ought to deal with you, when I do
For I trust that in your eyes, when I would see
I will see another soul reflecting
From that place called eternity
That got us here and told us we shared one humanity

I know that peace matters to me and to you
So let us then, just inch forward a little at a time
While they sound their warring bugles
We hold our little chimes
Remember that whoever dies tis a part of you, a part of me
We lose every time
And I have no enemies, nor you
‘Xcept some whose greed has made us all asinine.


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