The Author


I was trained in music from the age of nine-ten years, till I was nearly into my mid-30s. Now you might say this is an irrationally long time for someone just to train, why the hell did you take so long? Or why in the world are you blogging about peace if you are a musician? Or if you are a musician, how come we do not get to see a lot more of you- on TV, radio or other media?

All these are very pertinent issues when it comes to me. The reality is that none of this went in a smooth manner, for training was not continuous- or at least not geared toward a career in music. I am an inquisitive sort and that often takes me into deeper waters. Anyhow, my research, in which I try to ensure the best quality of work, the best of my mind, that i can offer to the world, with the hope that more would read it, beyond researchers is done with the intention that whatever I distill from years of hard work, mid solitude should be offered to everyone in any way that it can contribute to their lives and make it more pleasurable, less painful.  I also try to write as simply as possible, whatever it is.

Research is difficult even for researchers who work in universities and other institutions. It is not easy for me to research, for I mostly work alone, with no peers, friends, guides or access to libraries and materials. But someone, somehow from somewhere just comes and shares journal articles with me, downloads things from sites where they have accesses or just lends me his/her books. (In the most recent case, it was the editor of the Canadian Journal of Music Therapy who did that!) These are the situations in which I have done most of my research, whose downloadable papers lie  here

How I came about to the bottom line that peace is the most important thing is that when I was 35.  I moved away from people to live alone with animals and to study, meditate, think through ideas, work on my music and generally to cut out the noise of daily conflicts that are a part of family life; and watch the world. Watching the world without being a party to any of the games, made me see things from a distance, largely in an unbiased manner. I always want to see the greatest good coming to the largest number of people. I understood that peace has to be a part of everyone’s existence, not only theoretically, but as a habit of the mind.

That made me think of peace at many levels- which both my studies in various fields of inquiry made me think- from International politics to mental illness, which implies from international conflicts to conflicts within a person or conflicts of a person with their environment. This blog is an outcome of those inquiries and my applications of ideas that I distilled and continue to dabble with, in the daily act of being alive and responsive to this world we all inhabit


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