Recovery Resources

As part of the enterprise we offer workshops and training programs to individuals, families, non profits, university students, organizations and anyone interested, to help in the recovery and support of people with any form of mental suffering, which makes them ill, incapacitated for long periods of time.

By building emotional, spiritual and social resources of those who suffer in isolation we intend to empower scores of individuals and families to recover from the long term consequences of disabling mental illnesses, which also push people towards permanent poverty.

We can also adjust our program, in some cases to adjust with your requirements, if there are any. The different offerings are in accordance with the different requirements of individuals and their families. Wherever required and felt significant we like to hold dialogues with all members of a family together, to allow for an exchange which enables every voice to be heard and understood for the contribution they can make to the whole system of recovery, of one person.


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