Families are organic entities and not lifeless clusters of people living together on a need-based level alone. When one person suffers in a family, due to any reason, the whole family suffers, even if people are not very closely connected to one another. One of the key ingredient that brings people closer to one another in families is communication.

Communication is not a central theme in any family, by and large. As a result people do not know how to support one another during a period of suffering or crisis that another may be going through, while everyone needs that support. Through workshops of various kinds, which will be shared on our website, we will be bringing forth those aspects of  communications that can strengthen family bonds, make everyone more tuned to the need of one another, bring positiveness and supportive attitude for people from their own families.

In that direction some of the workshops or short term courses (25 hours or less) may be directed at inter-generational communication, building meaningful bridges of communication and so forth. this will be up on the website. A whole side of this support will be offered to those families who suffer the consequences of mental illness- in helping them deal better and towards better outcomes as well.


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