2014- Christmas 026

Rehabilitate means to restore to the former self. It is my attempt to help people recover whatever ground they have lost due to disabling mental and emotional conditions, via collaborative dialogues (this is a new word instead of ‘counseling’,  and is meant to be more supportive, non-directive and gentler). When people suffer from anything on a long term basis they often lose ground on many sides of life.

I am working towards creating newer models of offering support to both individuals and families/caregivers so that the ‘system’ (family most often) is more empowered to deal with the situation. Of course it goes without saying I do not believe or go with any psychiatric labels because they have no real basis or empowering basis- they just make people feel more miserable about themselves and not the better off.

My rehabilitation ideas work at two levels- one is recovery support- offered directly to people who are suffering, and the other is counseling training, which is also another word for rehabilitation. The rest of the ideas are unfolding in due course, please see the attached links further.

I cannot deconstruct the whole of DSM for everyone, but what I can do via rehabilitation support is to offer a new model of counseling- which I directly impart to those who I train. This would fall under the rubric of peer support but it is not just peer support based on one’s own past. It is peer support which is grounded in method and knowledge and possibly customized and it cannot be the same across the globe. It would have its cultural and regional variations. People need to reclaim their lives and financial abilities. I hope many will learn this and empower scores of others as well.


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